What “Shark Tank” teaches about the importance of communication skills

The following post excerpt appears in its entirety on Smart Blog on Leadership.

If you’re like me (a management consultant, executive coach, speaker, author and a self-confessed “Shark Tank” junkie), you’re fascinated by the program’s seemingly limitless ideas brought to life by inspired businesspeople. And, you’re doubly fascinated by the number of contestants who fail to adequately prepare for their chance of a lifetime to receive investment money and mentoring from one or more of the sharks, all of them either multi-millionaire or billionaire entrepreneurs.

I can’t help but equate the failure of so many contestants on “Shark Tank” with the poor communication skills that businesspeople often exhibit. You have to wonder if some “Shark Tank” contestants have worked in organizations where its leaders are terrible at communicating. Where else would they pick up those poor habits?

Read the rest of my guest post here: What “Shark Tank” teaches about the importance of communication skills SmartBlogs.

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