A Year of Seven Disciplines of a Leader

Almost a year ago my book with Wiley, Seven Disciplines of a Leader, was published. In the course of a year I’ve been amazed, pleased, and humbled by how my thoughts and advice to managers and leaders detailed in my book havebeen received. In addition to wonderful conversations on Twitter and this blog, in the past year I’ve been:

Invited to contribute articles:

Reviewed by:

“…like hiring a business coach; it will help you build leadership skills, improve your decision-making and become a more effective leader.”
Small Business Forum

“The great value of this book is found in his explanation of the “how” and “why.” In my opinion, the information, insights, and counsel he provides can be of incalculable value to middle managers who aspire to become leaders. Also, to those now preparing for a career in business or who have only recently embarked on one. There is another constituency to which I also highly recommend this book: Owner/CEOs of small to midsize, privately-owned companies who are eager to strengthen their skills in one or more of the areas that Wolf explores.”
Blogging on Business

Interviewed by:

And this is only a sample of the attention my book and I have received, and there’s even more in the pipeline! Many thanks to my PR and social media team David Ratner, Kama Timbrell, and Tess Woods, who all helped make this possible!

It’s been a wonderful year, and I hope to keep the momentum going.

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