22 Questions to Ask to Make the Most of 2022

By Jeff Wolf, Wolf Management Consultants

  1. What is our biggest risk going into 2022? How do we mitigate it? What is
    our fallback?
  2. What makes our culture unique and how do we protect that?
  3. Where do our best ideas come from and how can we generate more
  4. How do we know what our (team, organization, culture, business) need to
    look like three years out?
  5. What are we doing daily to build other leaders?
  6. What can we do to drive decisions down closest to the point of impact?
  7. What are people thinking, but afraid to express?
  8. Which members of our team are underperforming and how can we help
    them do better?
  9. How can we improve customer satisfaction?
  10. Which markets or other opportunities can add significant value to our
  11. What can we do to control costs more effectively?
  12. How do we know all our resources are properly aligned?
  13. What are the weakest points in our team, department, organization, and
    how do we plan to deal with them?
  14. What are we doing to attract new talent?
  15. How many top-notch performers have left in the past year?
  16. How do we know our primary goals still make sense?
  17. How do we determine if there are ongoing turf wars between
  18. How can we be certain leadership is rowing in the same direction?
  19. What are some windows of opportunities about to close?
  20. What are we doing to make sure we have sufficient transparency and
    what can we put into place to improve communication throughout the
  21. How do we know we have goal clarity?
  22. How do we make sure our processes and systems are optimally

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