About Jeff Wolf

I’m an executive business coach, speaker, management consultant, and former basketball coach. I use first-hand knowledge combined with a pragmatic, down-to-earth philosophy to help leaders boost their company’s profitability and employee morale. As founder and president of Wolf Management Consultants, LLC, my clients have included Sony, AT&T, Samsung, Abbott Labs, CVS/Caremark, Ace Hardware, Hyatt, Baxter International, Pfizer, Tupperware International, Thomson Reuters, Monsanto, and General Mills.

Leadership Excellence Magazine named me one of its Top 100 Thought Leaders in Leadership Development. I published my first book, Roadmap to Success, with management gurus Ken Blanchard and Stephen Covey. My latest book, Seven Disciplines of a Leader, is now an international bestseller. All proceeds will go to organization’s devoted to helping America’s Wounded Warriors.


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